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Trip to Edmonton - Adventure Wednesday Aug. 6th, 2014

 Trip To Edmonton For Some Fun Fun

We did this past weeks Adventure Wednesday a bit different. Alisha and I had a little Girls Night with manicure, pedicure & a movie. Girly pink finger nails and black toes with Fun Fun written on them :) I had a great evening. Love girls nights.

We moved the Adventure to Friday & Saturday this week. Alisha, Rhys and I decided to take a little trip to Edmonton for 2nights. Woohoo what amazing 2days we had. I had a blast!! We left around 5pm after work on Thursday. Long drive but it was sooo worth it. We had sunshine, thunder, lightning and saw a rainbow on our way to Edmonton. Big Thanks to Kate for letting us stay at her place.

The plan for Friday was to go to the World Waterpark at the West Edmonton Mall. We wanted to know if it is really as great as everyone said. I think I can speak for all 3 of us - We loved it. Rhys and I went on every single slide and Alisha did also almost all of them. Wow unbelievable. Have you ever been to the Waterpark? Did you ever hear of the Cyclone? Have you ever tried it? I did! It was very scary but I was brave enough to even do it before Rhys. The Cyclone (pink slide) is the first of its kind in Canada. You are standing in a glass capsule and after a count the floor suddenly drops out and you plummet straight down for 17 metres at up to 60 km/h before doing a near-vertical loopty-loop and blazing out the other end into a splashdown lane! Absolutely crazy but I would do it again. Fun Fun!!

All the slides were fun but I thought the cyclone was worth to explain a bit further. If you wanna know anything about any other slide - just ask ... or visit the Waterpark :) After all the fun we went out for dinner with Kate & Brad to the Cactus Club Cafe. Alisha and I just loooooove the Bellini's there!!

So happy with our Bellini's :)

Yes, we went back to the Mall on day 2. Soooo much to explore. We started the day with a little breakfast at Second Cup. Then we did some window shopping and explored here and there a store. Adventure Time with Fionna's Hat ... Don't I look great in blond :)

At 12pm we watched the Sea Lions show which is right in the centre of the Mall. Really really cute!! A 20min entertaining show - The Sea Lions dance, play, dive and swim their way into your heart.

After the Sea Lions show we went to the Dragon's Tale Blacklight Mini-Golf. Absolutely amazing. A must do! A 18-hole blacklight minitaure golf course with incredible artwork on the walls. Really really awesome.

 I'm glowing too. Mini-Golf was super fun.

BUT wait our day was still not over yet. After Mini-Golf we headed to the Scotiabank Theatre to watch "Guardians of the Galaxy". Great and fun movie. I loved it. All the characters are awesome but my absolute favorite is Groot. 

One more mission before leaving the Mall. We headed to the Galaxyland for one purpose and one purpose only. Rhys and I wanted to go on the Mindbender. The Mindbender is the world's largest indoor triple loop roller coaster. What a great way to end the day. I never knew you could have sooooo much fun and spend so much time at a Mall.

Thanks guys for soooo much FunFun in these past two days. I'm very happy the 3 of us went on this trip together. Can't wait to go on more Adventure with you two.

Mini-Vacation "FunFun"

Awesome trip with some awesome people!

There will be NO Adventure Wednesday blog on August 13th, because I will be on my way to Calgary on Wednesday evening. I will be blogging about an even bigger Adventure on August 16th. Till then have a wonderful week!

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  1. The Cyclone sounds scary. Nice hat!!! Looking forward to your BIG adventure! :)