Sunday, September 14, 2014

Half Marathon Number 2

Half Marathon With My Girls

Sometimes I ask myself if I am crazy :) ... April 15th, 2014 was the day I decided & actually did sign up for my second half marathon. One and a half month before I even ran my first. At that moment I didn't even know if I like to run 21.1K but still signed up. I am sure most people read my blog about me becoming a half marathoner. If you like to have another look - here is the link to my blog about my first half marathon.

Half Marathon number 1 was incredible and I still remember every single step I took. Now it's time to tell you all about Half Marathon number 2.


It's been a week already since Michelle, Jenn and I ran our half marathon in Canmore. I had a fantastic weekend. I really loved running a race in Canmore for a change. As soon as Michelle arrived in Canmore on Saturday Sept. 6th we went on a little ride to check out the start area at the Lawrence Grassi Middle School.. When we got back to my place Jenn and her family had just arrived. When everyone settled into their rooms we headed our for dinner to BP. Thanks for coming out to Canmore one day before our half marathon. I really loved the "family-time" & "girls-time" before and after the race. 

Having a blast on the Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge play park before dinner!

After dinner and  a short visit in the hotel's jacuzzi - Michelle and I went for a nice walk along the river after dark. When we got back to my place it was almost time for bed.

Sunday Sept. 7th - The day we all were waiting for!
Michelle and I set our alarm for 6am which was early but not too early. I remember I had to get up at 4:30am for my first half marathon. We got dressed, had breakfast and met up with Jenn. All 3 of us wore the "Check Yoself" shirts in honour of Jenn's friend who is newly diagnosed with breast cancer. I also wore a pink sparkle skirt. The walk from the hotel to the start was a nice 1.4Km warm-up walk. Quick some pre-race photos before heading out for some fun.

We all ran the first few kilometres together. I did 10:1's which means I run 10min and walk 1min. Michelle kept on running and I lost her at that moment. I still had Jenn beside me but also lost her after a few more Km which was fine. We all decided to meet up at the finish line and just concentrate on our own pace and time. The course involved some running through the town of Canmore and on some lovely trails through the woods and along the river.  All with the beautiful Rocky Mountains in the background. 

My first half marathon was absolutely amazing and I was hoping my second half marathon would be just as great BUT I had a hard time. I had a very stressful summer in many ways and couldn't/didn't train as much as I should have. Even though I was slower in my second half marathon I did well for not training.

It was a lovely course. I had my music! I loved being among all the other runners! BUT I just couldn't stop thinking about my running. How fast was I? ... How much time will it take me? Where is the turn around? How far did I get? How far do I still have to go? Could I catch up to my friends? Why didn't I train enough? ... I was so relaxed when I ran my first half marathon and realized that training changes everything. Yes you still could have a bad day on race day but you know for sure you did everything you could to be ready. ...
I was in a lot of pain in my last 2Km. I didn't want to quit so close to the finish so I texted my friend Michelle when I was 1.5Km away from the finish. I got a text back saying - "coming to meet you". I kept pushing myself and knew the finish line must be around the next corner or the next corner ... When I saw Michelle in her rainbow tutu I was so happy and just wanted to cry. After reaching her I looked to the left and there it was ... the finish! I took another walk break to take a deep breath and then took the last strength I had and sprinted to & over the finishing line. 

I was shaking and in pain and all I really wanted was to lie down. My friends told me it would be a mistake to sit or lie down so we kept moving. I was sore for 3 days and could barely walk - don't wanna know how painful it would have been if I just lied down right after the race. Being sore for 3 days makes it hard to work. I walked backwards downstairs and actually said at one point - No more running! Hahaha no more running lasted for this 3 days and then I signed up for the 5K run for the cure on Oct. 5th. Being in pain and sore for "so long" just showed me ... Training is very important! No matter what ... keep on training!!

There were only medals for the top three in each age group. ... So no medal for me BUT Michelle made something really special for the 3 of us. Thank you girl. 
Thanks Michelle for the lovely bracelet & necklace! Love it!!

Congrats to Michelle who flew through this race and to Jenn who PB's again :) So very happy we could spent this day together.

Check Yoself - Breast Cancer Awareness

Second Half Marathon Is Done!

I ran my first 10K & my first 21.1K at the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon. Do I hear the marathon calling??


  1. Congratulations Antje! You really did well on your second half marathon! The course in Canmore was much more hilly than the course in Calgary and you were only 5 minutes slower! You were relaxed over the summer and had fun. That's important. You trained for your FIRST half marathon with your head and ran with your heart. You trained for your SECOND half marathon with your heart and ran with your head. Not every race will be a PB. Sometimes you just relax, enjoy the scenery and spend time with friends. It's all good. I'm so proud of you! You stuck with it and have a lot of experience now. Great job! What's next? Of course, I have some suggestions ;)

  2. totally every race cannot always be faster. And hills make such a difference! Not a bad job at all! Awesome work!! :-)