Sunday, April 13, 2014

48days 7hours 40minutes till my first Half Marathon

Another amazing long run.

I always seem to be more excited to go on my long runs every Sunday than going on my short runs Tuesdays and Thursdays.  

Excited for my 16K run

As usual every Sunday - work comes first. The day seems to fly by when you are excited to do something in the afternoon. The plan was to go for my run with some friends today but in the end it was just me. I enjoy running with a group but also don't mind being by myself.

Today was a bit different than last weeks run. First I had a few problems with my water-bottle-belt, second something was wrong with my settings on my phone - iSmoothRun didn't tell me when to run and when to walk & third I couldn't stop thinking about my run ... how fast will I be ... will I do better than last Sunday ... and so on. After I had a little talk with myself I stopped worrying about all that and started to enjoy my run. 

I decided to run along the Legacy Trail again. Telling myself to run only 8K and than turn around and do the other 8K makes it easier :)

What a beautiful day for a nice long run. Trail was clear all the way.

 Half way done - turn around and run home!

On my way home - leaving Banff

I was faster in the second half of my run today. I did my first 8K in 59:00minutes and my second 8K in 53:30minutes. Pretty good :)

My past week was great.

  • Sunday April 6th: 14.05 Km in 1:47:01
  • Tuesday April 8th: 4.05 Km in 29:28
  • Thursday April 10th: 6.08 Km in 42.01
  • Sunday April 13th: 16.05 Km in 1:52:30

Here are just a few Personal Records. Just so that you know - this is just the beginning. My training is going pretty well. Very happy!!

  • Farthest Distance with 16K woohoo ohhh yeahhh :)
  • Longest Duration with 01:52:38 

Have to do another 16K next Sunday. Looking forward to it. 

Only 48:07:40:00 till my first half marathon. Woot woot!!


  1. You are doing great Antje! Gorgeous photos. Breaking it into chunks helps for sure instead of imagining the whole 16K. I'm happy to hear you relaxed and enjoyed your run. You are strong to be able to train solo for your first half. I'm so proud of you! You can do this! PS: running the second half faster is very exciting and it's called a "negative split."

  2. I love that you are counting down the days! :)

    I always break my runs into chunks. When it gets really hard, I'll just focus until the next walk break because it seems less daunting.

    The feeling of running the farthest and longest is such an amazing feeling! :)

  3. Hi Antje,
    I've nominated you for a blogging award. Hope you're enjoying Vancouver, head on over and check it out when you can

    1. Thanks for nominating me. I'm honored. I will have a look as soon as I can.