Thursday, May 8, 2014

Half Marathon Training - 18K for the first time!

Running In Winter Wonderland

The past 2weeks have been crazy.

I went to Vancouver for one week & skipped my trainingruns ... When I got back I heard that the manager of the hotel wanted me to move into another staff accom ... That meant packing and cleaning my old room.

I finally found time on Tuesday to go for my long run. I was sooo excited when I had to do my first 16K ever but didn't feel the same when I had to do my 18K. Hope I feel excited till Sunday for my second 18K.

Legacy Trail Canmore to Banff

Tuesday was a real struggle for me. I did have company for the first 5K of my run - which I liked! After Georgia turned around I still had to run 4K before I could turn around. Somehow when she left my motivation to keep going seem to slip away as well.

Georgia heading home!

When I finally reach 9K I was extremly tired & just wanted to lie down & take a nap. I took a little break before turning around to run home. Km7 till Km11 was very hard for me & I almost gave up.

 Tired but glad I went for my run!

Beautiful Canmore - On my way home!

Usually when I go running - I am able to stop thinking about my day and everything around me ... lately I'm thinking more about my runs. How will I do. Am I going to fast or to slow. Do I really think I can do a half marathon? Why did I skip some runs? What will others think?

I know I shouldn't worry at all! I am doing great after a knee surgery and a partail torn ligament - Just feeling down lately. Running used to be my happy-place. Hope I feel better soon!! Only 23days till race-day!!

May 6th 18.41Km in 02.16.56 ... Average pace 07:26 /Km


  1. Antje, you are doing great! I am so proud of you that you found the time to train for this race on top of working full time and running often ALL BY YOURSELF. It's easier to run with a group and chat and not have to pay attention to how far or how fast. You did great! If you can run 18K, you can run 21K! If you cut your second 18K short a bit because you are tired, it's OK. Trust your training. You have done all the work. Gradually now the distance will get shorter and shorter and you will feel like you want to run more but you will also be more nervous. This is normal. It's amazing what a difference having crowds to cheer you on and runners to run with and against makes on race day. Don't worry about a thing. I wish I could be there to cheer you on at the finish line but if you get tired on race day and think about wanting to lie down (like I did in my first half), just remember... I'm still out there running until I'm done my 50K. Walking IS allowed. xoxoxoxo

    1. Thank you Michelle! Can't wait for race day! I remember my first 10K race ... I love being surrounded by all the runners! It's an absolute amazing feeling :) See you in 23days my friend <3

  2. Grat job! (PS I like your red jacket!)