Thursday, May 22, 2014

Canadian Tire Fun - Adventure Wednesday May 21nd, 2014

New Week - New Wednesday - New Challenge

This week we decided to get out with our rollerblades. I did bring mine from Germany in 2009 and Georgia got so excited of the idea to try something new that she bought new rollerblades for herself. I know in my last blog I said we would try to do something new every week ... Well rollerblading is new to Georgia. She really wanted to try it and I sometimes love rollerblading more than biking :) So no brainer for me :)

First step - buying rollerblades! Uhhh Canadian Tire is awwwweeesooommme! Awesome because:

 Perfect place to find the right helmet for an amazing bike tour!!

 For some Baseball!!


 For finding new friends OR  for some skateboarding!!

All we really wanted was to buy new rollerblades for Georgia BUT after walking around for a bit it felt more like a big playground. An hour later we finally left Canadian Tire and got home for dinner. After dinner we went out with our blades and had some fun. First we tried getting around in the parking lot and then moved to the Skateboard Park in Canmore.

Thumbs Up at the Skateboard Park!!

We stayed at the park till it got dark. So much fun. I can't wait for next Wednesday. Yay!!

Love Adventure Wednesdays!!


  1. I LOVE those helmets ladies! I never knew Canadian Tire could be so much fun! :)

    1. We LOVE the helmets too! Kids-Helmets are the best!!
      (Canadian Tire = Playground for adults) LOL