Thursday, May 22, 2014

Biking alone Legacy Trail - Adventure Wednesday May 14th, 2014

Running is great but biking is awesome too.

My roommate and I decided to call Wednesday our Adventure Wednesday. We are going to try something new and fun every week. Georgia is from Australia and just started working at the hotel a couple of weeks ago. May 14th was our first Adventure!!

We both had to work till 3pm and decided to go on a nice bike ride afterwards. We biked along Legacy Trail from Canmore to Banff. It was awesome. Loved it.

Ready to go biking - We left right after work - Georgia and I

I love running, biking, walking, roller skating along the Legacy Trail. Just have a look at the following photos and you know what I am talking about! Absolutely amaaazing!

 On our way from Canmore to Banff

 Canmore to Banff 21.46Km - 1:28:54

As soon as we got to Banff we locked our bikes and went for a nice walk along the river & to Bow Falls.

 The water was a little bit cold :)

Little visit to Bow Falls

Elk in Banff

After a 2 hour walk in Banff we got back to our bikes and headed home. It always seem to go faster going back. Legacy Trail Banff to Canmore.

 Banff to Canmore 22.32Km - 1:18:15

Beautiful sunset - Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge

We had a little party when we got home. We felt so amazing that we had to celebrate our 50K afternoon.

What an active afternoon! Wow!!


  1. Congratulations on your 50K! That sounds so far..... ;)
    The photos where you live are amazing!
    Eeek! The water was only a "little bit cold" !?!? <----- I bet it was a LOT cold!!!
    You are having many fun adventures this year and I know you have been training hard for your first HALF marathon coming up soon!!!!! Good luck on race day Antje!

    1. Thanks Michelle! Well we biked most of the 50K - you gonna run 50K very soon :) Sooo excited! Good luck!!
      Ok ok the water was a bit colder than I said ... But just a bit colder :) See you very soon :)