Friday, May 30, 2014

Half Marathon Training

 Last Training Run!!

Today was my last training run before the big day. I can't believe it. When I signed up for my first half marathon ever I had 288days 11hours and 39minutes for my training till the 50th Annual Scotiabank Calgary Marathon (June 1st, 2014) and now it's only 001:06:45:20. Woohoo! I am so excited. Can't wait for Suuuuundayyyy!!

I took a step back from running in the last couple of weeks of my training. I just didn't feel a 1oo% and didn't want to push myself to hard. I did go biking and rollerblading and walking beside my training.

I started my half marathon training on March 4th with a 4K run after my partially torn ligament was healed. I did my first 4K in 38:05min (Pace 09:16/Km) and today my last run 3K in 18:15min (Pace 06:01/Km). I wasn't always happy with my daily results but I am damn proud of how far I have come.

Here are a few photos of where I have been training.

I started my training at a gym because I was still a bit scared running outside. I sprained my ankle running outside and slipping on ice. After the pathway was clear - I loved running outside.

 Running through Winter Wonderland

 Running along Legacy Trail - Sunshine :)

 I am so happy to be back in the world of running =)

Big THANK YOU goes to my awesome friend and mentor Michelle. You are the best. I couldn't have done this without you. I've learned a lot about myself through running. THANK YOU!

Already signed up for my 2nd half marathon :) September 7th, 2014 Rocky Mountain Half Marathong! Yay.

Calgary Half Marathon Here I Come


  1. I'm so proud if you for training solo and not giving up after you fell & hurt your ankle. I felt so bad but we spent some quality time at the hospital. You are strong, smart, determined and will be successful. S you later today!

  2. First half marathon? You must be so excited-good luck!!

  3. Look at you go! I envy you the great running you have out there.