Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sulpher Mountain - Adventure Wednesday June 11th 2014

Sulpher Mountain

The plan for last weeks Wednesday was to go kayaking in Banff. We decided to take a bus later than usual which made us 10 min to late to rent a kayak on that day. Well Adventure Wednesday was still on so we changed our plans quickly and went to the Gondola in Banff up the Sulphur Mountain! Have you ever been up there? Isn't it just stunning?

No kayaking meant enough time to go on a little hike from downtown Banff to the Gondola. We walked through the forest for a while and then along the street for the last couple of meters.

 Hike through the forest to Banff Gondola

It takes about eight-minute to the top of Sulphur Mountain, elevation 7,486 feet. The view is incredible and breathtaking. At the summit you can stroll along the Banff Skywalk to Sanson's Peak Meteorological Station or just take in the view from the restaurant's observation deck. I also love to just find a nice spot to enjoy the sun on my skin.
Being one with nature!
I could sit like thid for hours. What an amazing view. We spent close to 3hours up there. We had a fantastic time! Here are a few photo.
Incredible view at the top of Sulphur Mountain!

Being silly and having fun!
At Sanson's Peak Meteorological Station

I think that's it for this weeks blog. Not sure what is the plan for next Wednesday but I'm looking forward to whatever we do! I am glad though that I am able to take a few days to relax and do nothing (not much). This past week has been "crazy". We did yoga and a fitness workout on Tuesday - Hike and Gondola on Wednesday and just in case I wasn't sore enough - Georgia signed us up for white water rafting on Thursday. Oh my!! I must say - first yoga lesson was harder than running my first half marathon. I did have a blast this past week though. It was fun and something new. I was a little scared of white water rafting but loved it. Will definitely do it again! One last question! Does anyone have any suggestions for Adventure Wednesdays??

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