Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I'm A Half Marathoner Now

What a fantastic day!!
Today is already the 10th of June and I still can't believe I am a half marathoner!

I was part of the Calgary Marathons 50th Anniversary 2014 with 14,999 other runners! Wow, how awesome is that? Congratulations to everyone! We all are amaaaazing :) 

50th Anniversary 2014

It all started with an very very early morning! I must say I'm so not a morning person but June 1st I felt awesome waking up at 4:30am to get ready and to meet my friend Michelle at her house around 5:15am. We left right after that and met up with Keith at the Southland Station. I loved seeing all the Calgary Marathon runners on the C-train. It's amazing to be a part of the running community!

Here are a few photos before the big race began!

 Quick taking some photos before the place gets crowded with all the amazing runners.

 "15,000" runners waiting for the race to start!
And off we go!! I ran my first 3K with Michelle and Keith together. After that I tried to follow my 2:30 race bunny. She was awesome and had a fantastic pace. I did so well that I was surprised when I saw the 14K sign. Unbelievable!! I already did more than half and still felt like I just started running. Wow! Amazing feeling! Around 15K I decided to take a few photos along my run. I wanted to enjoy the view and make some memoriable moments. 

Whaaat? 14K already? Awesome moment!

Wherever you look - half marathoner everywhere!
Unfortunately I lost my race bunny at that moment but did well by myself in the middle of all the other half marathoners. At the 17K mark I hit the wall - my legs got really heavy and I took a longer walk break. At K18 I got some of my energy back and pushed myself to the finish. 

Last little hill! We can do this!

These were the longest 500 meters ever ...

My goal was to finish my first half marathon in 2:30 but because I took a few photos and had to take a longer walk-break after K17 - I finished in 02:34:00 which is still pretty impressive for my first half.

The moment I crossed the finish line I was looking for Jenn who told me she would be there handing out medals. I didn't see her but she saw me :) She gave me a big hug and gave me my first half marathon medal. Very special moment.

Amaaaazing volunteers at the finish line!

I'm a HALF MARATHONER now.  Proudly wearing my race shirt!

After I finished I went inside to get some water and something to eat. I promised my friend Michelle I would be at the finish line when she is crossing it after running her 50K. I was in the middle of the crowd cheering on all the runners that were finishing their race after me. The crowd was amazing. The volunteers throughout the race were fantastic too. HUGE Thank you to the organizing committee, volunteers, police officers, spectators, residents and friends who made MY FIRST half marathon an unforgettable event.

After standing in the crowd cheering on everyone I realized I should probably go back inside to get something to eat for my friend. I knew that there probably wouldn't be much left after 6 hours. So I got food and went back outside again.

One of the bigger highlights on June 1st, 2014 was becoming a half marathoner BUT when Jenn asked me if I wanted to give my friend Michelle her medal after she finished her Ultra - that made my day extra special.

Holding mine & Michelle's medal!

 Cheering on my friend Michelle as she crossed the finish line & handing her the marathon medal.

What an amazing day I had. It is an incredible feeling to be amoung so many other runners. I can't wait for my second half marathon which will be Sept. 7th 2014 in Canmore!!

Thank You Michelle & Jenn for an unforgettable day!

I have done 1x6K - 3x10K - 2x5K and now 1x21.1K ... Amaaaazing! Every race has a special meaning - moments that I will never forget!

To everyone out there - This is just the beginning :)


  1. Wow! Congratulations on completing your first HALF MARATHON Antje! I'm so proud of you! Your positivity and enthusiasm on race day got you to the finish with a smile on your face. You did almost all of your training in the winter all by yourself. That was hard. You don't know how much easier it is to train with a group so you don't have to calculate distance or pace. You came back to run a half marathon AFTER knee surgery and a torn ligament in your ankle. You are AMAZING! That is a great time for a half marathon, especially for your FIRST!!! :)
    I love the last photo of you, me and Jenn! THANK YOU for being there at the finish to present me with one of my medals and thank you for thinking of making sure I had some food at the end of my run.
    I am looking forward to running the Canmore Half with both of you next!!! This IS just the beginning!!!!

  2. Congratulations!! It sounds like you had a great day!