Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Your questions - my answers!

Some people must think we runners are all crazy - Signing up for an event to run/walk 5K/10K/21.1K/42.2K/50K for pure pleasure. Who never signed up for a race has no idea what they are talking about. 

Here are a few answers to why I do what I do.

Why do I run?
To free my mind -To forget my surroundings for a while - To be one with nature.

Here is a photo I created with some more answers!!
When I run the world around me becomes quiet. It's just me, the trail/track/route and nature!
Here is a question for YOU! Why don't you run?

Isn't it to hot or cold outside to run?
Well you always can choose to run inside in a gym BUT I think if you are dressed right it will never be to hot or to cold for a run.  I love running when it is warm to enjoy a nice breeze and the warm sun on my skin. I also love running through Winter Wonderland. Everything looks like it is covered in a white blanket. Absolutely beautiful.

Why are you still running after you were injured?
Well good question. I still love running. I love being part of the running community. If we all would stop doing things after we got injured we all wouldn't do anything anymore. I seem to have more problems with my body if I don't exercise. I can feel if I take a break from being active for to long.

Running is fun? 
Yes I think running is fun. Running makes me happy. You can make every run fun and special. Run with friends. Change your route! Sign up for a race and dress up! Run for a good cause!
Totally Fun!!

These are questions I got after I finished my first half marathon!

Did you win??
I must say - I do not run to win! I don't care if I am the last person to cross the finish line. I am a winner just because I do cross the finish line - no matter what place.

What place did you finish?
I actually don't like this question. As I said before I don't care what place. All I care about is having a great time and that I finish my race. We were 15,000 runners on June 1st and for me it doesn't matter so much what place I finish - for me it's more special to be part of such an big and amazing event.

Did you run your half marathon without a break?
I did take breaks - I followed a 2:30 race bunny which ran 10min and walked 1min ... All I have to say to this question is - Please sign up for your first half marathon and let me know if you were able to run 21.1K without a break!!

How were your knees? (Had knee surgery Nov. 2013)
My knees are doing fine. Thanks for asking. Even if my knees would case me any trouble - nobody ever said I can't walk parts of my half marathon or any other run for that matter.

Were you fast?
Define fast? Well I was faster than if I would be sitting at home watching TV. Every runner is different. I run because I love it and not to compete with other runners. If you run for example twice a 10K then you can say - yes I was faster at the second 10K race that I did ... but I think you can't say you are fast if you do something for the first time. Running 5K/10K/21.1K/42.2K for the first time - I think all you think about is finishing.

How did/do you feel?
I felt and still feel pretty amazing. It is an incredible feeling to be among all these other runners. It is an incredible feeling to be part of something so special. It is an incredible feeling to cross the finish line. I always get very emotional during a race and especially after a race. After my first half marathon on June 1st I felt like doing a HAPPY dance :)

Happy Dance!!

If you have anymore questions please let me know.

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