Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Climbing - Adventure Wednesday June 18th, 2014

Climbing At Elevation Place In Canmore

Wooohooo what an amazing Adventure Wednesday. The weather wasn't so good this week so we decided to try out climbing at the elevation place. Well that was fun. I've actually never been to the elevation place before but really love it. The last time I went climbing was 2001 I think! I am very happy we went today.

We took a little tour around the climbing-gym and then tried the Clip In Trublue! Just clip in and start climbing. It's all mechanical and when you are done just let go and slowly descent to the bottom. Well I must say ... Depending on a machine and then letting go was very scary for me. After a couple of times I got it and had so much fun! First 3 photos is me ... starting to climb ... up up I go and ... I am on my way down.

Can you see the blue line behind me in the next photos? Georgia and I wanted to try climbing before deciding if we like it enough to do it again. Because we didn't take the course to hold each other, we were only allowed to climb to the blue line (without a robe) or just the clip in's. The next photos show me just having a blast and hanging around, lol. Really fun but also hard on your hands and arms.


As usual I spent my Adventure Wednesday with Georgia. As you can see in the photos below she had as much fun as I had. We did climb beside each other in the beginning & then started to take turns when our hands needed a break. We watched some of the other climbers while having a sip of water and while trying to give our hands a little rest.

We are planning to go climbing once a week and are probably taking the course to support each other to be able to climb even higher. I loved the atmosphere at the elevation place. Everyone is very friendly and supportive. Someone showed us how to make it easier to climb. Georgia posted a video to my FB timeline. It was harder than it looks. Hope you enjoy!

Another Amazing Adventure Wednesday!!

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