Sunday, June 29, 2014

Adventure Week - Adventure Wednesday June 25th 2014

Running 12K - Birthday Party - Skateboarding - Biking 30K

This past week has been crazy and very complicated but I still managed to do something for Adventure Wednesday! Usually we try to do something new every Wednesday but this week was a bit different! 

Last week started with a 12K run from downtown Calgary to Oakridge! First long run since I did my first half marathon! I love and enjoy running with my dear friend Michelle!

Peace, Love & Running!

On Tuesday evening I went back home to go back to work on Wednesday! "AdventureWednesday" was a bit different this week! It was Georgia's birthday and we surprised her with a chocolate strawberry cake! After celebrating at our place for a bit we decided to go to Banff for dinner and some dancing! Dinner was delicious and a lot of fun! I bet Georgia won't forget her first Birthday in Canada! 

Happy Birthday Georgia

Because of the Birthday surprise we didn't really had an Adventure Wednesday so we decided to try Skateboarding on Thursday after work! Well I must say Skateboarding is harder than it looks! I did have a lot of fun though! I had protection for my hands and knees but thought I didn't needed anything for my elbows! Well now you can guess what I fell on when I slipped of my skateboard! Hahaha ... Should have seen that coming! 

Rollerblading & Skateboarding - Sooo much fun!

After all that action I was looking forward to Friday afternoon to do NOTHING at all! On Saturday I came back to Calgary after work! I'm going to stay in Calgary for about two weeks - looking for rainbows & unicorns :)

Today was another nice Adventure! My friend Michelle and I went for a 30K bike ride through Fish Creek Park into Cranston! What a lovely week! After all the "bad" news last week I really needed some time away! Thanks to all my friends that made this past week special in so many ways!

Lovely bike ride in Calgary

I'm very grateful for my friend who keeps me on my feet and supports me in everything I do! I love you girl (you know who you are)

Not sure what the next Adventure Wednesday will bring - but I am ready for anything :)


  1. This sounds like a Wonderful Week of Wednesdays! Thanks for keeping me company and including me in your adventures Antje!

    1. Thank you for being part in my adventures! More to come!!