Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Diva Duathlon - Adventure Wednesday July 2nd 2014

Divine Dynamic Duo Diva Duathlon

First Adventure Wednesday in Calgary! Wow just wow! Michelle and I were talking about Adventure Wednesday last night and decided we should NOT just go for a run! Michelle had the amazing idea to make our own Duathlon for Adventure Wednesday! Well we both knew how to run and bike so why not combine these two! I loved the idea right away and we made plans over dinner.

We started part 1 of our Duathlon right after Michelle finished work! We ran for 3K in downtown which felt great! I already ran a half marathon so 3K for me and I am sure for Michelle as well were easy.  Running 3K is like a little warm-up :) As soon as we finished our run we got to our bikes to start part 2 - biking 12K.


Biking from downtown along the Glenmore Reservoir back home! Since I had my knee surgery in 2013 I love biking again! Do you know how awesome it is to go for a bike ride without any pain! We take our bodies for granted and don't realize how important every little muscle is until we can't use it! I appreciate my body more now!  I loved our bike ride and felt great all the way! I must say though - I don't like biking on the street! I don't like that I can't see the cars coming! I should go biking more often to get used to it!

Michelle near Glenmore Reservoir

Michelle & I at Glenmore Reservoir! Beautiful day!

Woohoo we finished part 2 of our Duathlon! Unbelievable! We totally rock! But wait - we are not done yet. We dropped of our bikes - I had a sip of water and off we went for part 3. I thought part 3 was going to be very very easy because we decided only to run 2K BUT ... The first 500m were ok and then I felt my legs. They got really heavy and I really wanted to walk. After K1 I was back to normal and felt great and finished my 2K strong.

MICHELLE we did it. We are DUATHLONER now. How awesome are we?

First Adventure Wednesday in Calgary and I loved every minute of it. Can't wait for next Wednesday.

Running 3K in 20:54 - 07:00 Min/Km
Biking 12.67K in 54:20 - 13.99 Km/H
Running 2K in 13:59 - 6:59 Min/Km

What an amazing first Duathlon. I even got a medal from my friend Michelle. I had a great time and would love to do it again!

Dynamic Duo Diva Duathlon

Thanks for the awesome medal Michelle!

I'm very HAPPY that Georgia & I created Adventure Wednesday!!

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