Saturday, July 12, 2014

3-part-3-day Duathlon - Adventure Wednesday July 9th 2014

3-part-3-day Duathlon

Adventure Wednesday a bit different! This has been my second week/ second Adventure Wednesday in Calgary! I actually thought I wouldn't be doing much in Calgary but I have been very busy as you all can see on my last few blogs! This week wasn't any different which I am very grateful for! My friend Michelle and I decided to Bike 15K Wednesday - Run 12K Thursday - Bike 50K Friday! We called it 3-part-3-day Duathlon! 

Part 1 - Biking!
I had a lazy day on Wednesday until I met my friend Michelle for our bike ride! We we're suppose to do 15K but ended up doing 17.98Km in 01:28:45 - Calgary downtown through Weaselhead and then home! What an fantastic bike ride full of giggles! I'm always having a great time being around my lovely friend M.

Having a blast! Still happy after a 18K bike ride!

Part 2 - Running
My Thursday morning started with a visit to the dentist :( After that I went shopping for a bit and then I had to hurry home and to get changed to meet Michelle downtown. We met at the same time/ same place and off we went! We ran 12-18Km in 1:43:05 - from downtown straight home! I felt a bit tired but I also felt better than when I ran my 10K at Stampede Road Race! This just shows that no matter how much you run or train - every day can be different! You can have days were you feel fantastic and others you feel like you just wanna lie down! Always listen to your body! I must say though - I could feel that I have been ver active with running and biking this past week!

Love our running-shoes (photo from last week though)

Part 3 - Biking!
We left around 8:30 on Friday morning for our long bike ride! We did 50.97Km in 3:37:50! We were a trio for the first 14K and finished our long bike ride as a duo! Congrats Michelle on your first 50K bike ride! You are an "Ultra-Girl" in running & biking now! :) I had a great time! Nothing better than to go on a "Adventure" with one of your closest friends! Below you can see a few photos of how lovely our day has been! Sunshine pure - no clouds - beautiful view!!

Riding to Sikome Lake & back home!

Taking a break at Sikome Lake after a 31K ride :) 

After a lovely break at Sikome Lake - which felt like a mini-vacation - we headed back the way we came! We had such a beautiful day and I enjoyed every minute of it! I can't even put in words how grateful I am for these past two weeks! Best weeks in a long time!! It is wonderful to have company on my runs and bike rides! Thank you guys for everything!

Beautiful sunset! (No filter)

Not sure what I am going to do for next weeks Adventure Wednesday but I am already excited!

Ready to go Stampeding now!

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  1. It has been very enjoyable having you vacation next door! Good times my friend! :)