Thursday, July 24, 2014

Johnston Canyon & Ink Pots - Adventure Wednesday July 23rd 2014

Hiking to Johnston Canyon & Ink Pots

I spent yesterdays Adventure Wednesday with my friends Alisha and Rhys. As always work comes first! Fortunately we all work together which makes it easier to go on Adventures - we left around 5pm. I've been to Johnston Canyon twice already but only in the Winter. Johnston Canyon is absolutely stunning in the Winter but it is also absolutely beautiful and breathtaking in the Summer! Just wow!

We parked the car and started hiking along the trail which begins immediately behind the Johnston Canyon Lodge. The first few meters are through the forest and lead you over the iron catwalks that are attached beneath overhanging canyon walls, where the waters of the creek flow beneath your feet.

Hike to Lower Falls
We reached the Lower Falls at Km 1.1. A bridge across the creek serves as a viewpoint and a short tunnel through the canyon allows passage to an even more intimate vantage point. It's absolutely amazing! After taking a few photos we went back to the main trail and continued up the canyon via more catwalks and well graded trail. There are many viewpoints overlooking the canyon and a small waterfall.

Hike to Upper Falls

There are two viewpoints at the 30m Upper Falls. First we followed the side-trail and walked along the catwalk which lead us to the viewing platform at the bottom of the falls! As you can see in the photo above - I am having a great time :) A short steep climb on the main trail took us to the top of the falls and another viewing platform, which hangs out over the gorge above the waterfall. I really love it there. I love to just close my eyes and listen for a bit. It's like a little vacation from all the stress around you.

Taking a break at the Upper Falls - Alisha, Rhys and I

After a break at the Upper Falls, we decided to continue our hike up to the Ink Pots. It was a bit of an effort, but well worth it. The Ink Pots themselves are interesting, but I was more taken by the gorgeous views. Thanks Alisha and Rhys for an amazing afernoon hike. I can't wait to go on more Adventures with you two.

Part of the Ink Pots

Johnston Canyon = Little Paradise

Johnston Canyon Resort to Upper Falls—2.7 km - Johnston Canyon Resort to Ink Pots—5.8 km

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